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Queensland Bariatrics are specialists in weight loss surgery, and our clinic comprises of a team of doctors, care facilitators and other health experts to produce world class care. Being one of Australia’s leading clinics for weight loss surgery, we are experts in the bariatric field and have helped over 4,500 people make the complex decision to have bariatric surgery.

We take all the stress out of weight loss surgeries by providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for our patients and making sure that from your very first consultation, information is plainly explained so you can determine if bariatric surgery will be the right fit for you. The team will also discuss which type of surgery may be most effective for each patient, risks, advantages and the potential outcomes of not having the surgery.

We strive to be the most accommodating to every patient. Though our main clinic is located at Wesley hospital, follow-up care can be attended at one of our other capsule locations around Brisbane for your convenience.

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Be Looked After by a Highly Experienced Bariatric Surgeon

Queensland Bariatrics are a team of highly trained professionals that believe in high quality care. We don’t just perform weight loss surgery, we care deeply for each of our patients and aid them to achieve a healthy and happy life.

From the moment of your initial consultation and long after your procedure, we provide ongoing support with our mental health professionals and dieticians to encourage long term weight loss. You can read more about our team of clinic professionals here

Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery is a major procedure that uses advanced techniques to facilitate weight loss to treat health problems such as diabetes or another obesity related illness. Obesity surgery limits your food intake which ultimately lowers your body mass index to a more confident and healthy weight. 

There are many benefits to bariatric surgery, with only a short recovery time of 3 – 5 weeks, it can significantly improve self esteem, mental health, quality of life, as well as reducing the risk of severe medical conditions such as heart disease leading to premature death.

However before proceeding with bariatric surgery, we strongly suggest you seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

What to Expect From Your Bariatric Surgery

When will I start to lose weight?

We want you to achieve your weight loss goals, that is why we set you up with realistic expectations on your diet, exercise and other healthy lifestyle changes that should be made both before and after the procedure. Adhering to these changes adjustments will reduce the risks of any obstacles in achieving optimal results. More information on the diet, exercise and overall recommendations can be found here.

How much will it cost?

If you have private health insurance, your insurance will cover a large portion of the fees, but there will still be an out of pocket fee. More information on what the costs might look like can be found here.

Types of Bariatric Surgical Procedures We Offer

We Believe in Total Patient Care

Bariatric procedures are considered a major surgical procedure which is why we care about our patients’ health from the inside out. 

An important pillar of our business is offering long-term support for our patients to achieve their healthy weight, mobility, and sense of wellbeing. That is why throughout the entire process and even post surgery, we provide you with contact details to dieticians, mental health professionals and an exercise physiologist. 

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Queensland Bariatrics is one of Australia’s preeminent clinics for weight loss surgery. We are one of the most experienced weight loss surgery centres in the world. We have helped over 4,500 people make a very difficult decision to have weight loss surgery; we would like to think that we may have made them happier and healthier along the way as well.
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We aim to provide all our patients with a comfortable and friendly environment to gain all the information they require to help them decide if weight loss surgery will benefit them. We have helped over 4,500 people make a very difficult decision to have weight loss surgery.

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